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Finally you can get out of the hectic life of Manhattan without even leaving the city. Experience the union of vacation and education in this intimate east side midtown oasis featuring morning, afternoon and evening classes, 7 days a week: by accommodating every fitness and interest level, our studio is designed to be a place for growth, change and enhancement.

But mang'Oh is far more than a form of exercise – it is a way of life. Encouraging a holistic approach to health is our philosophy. We created an environment that is beautiful, full of light, and free of daily distractions, fostering both physical health and mental well-being. Our goal is to provide a variety of paths for people to achieve optimal health, happiness and personal fulfillment.

Healthy and happy – that's how we want to see you. Our experienced and supportive teachers create a safe environment for each individual's unique practice, teaching from a compassionate place where the body and mind can develop willingly. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, 23 or 93, free spirit or corporate mogul, undergraduate or working mom – we've got a class for you.